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    Champagne Masque $45

    Spoil your skin with this unique, gentle exfoliating treatment! Perfect for all skin types, the Champagne Masque fizzes and bubbles away dry skin giving you a gorgeous glow. It's like nothing you've ever tried - add it to any service!

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    Sculptra Special

    Replace lost collagen and restore youthful looking skin with Sculptra injections. Sculptra lasts up to two years and gives natural looking results. A series of three sessions is recommended and the number of vials used per session will depend on the desired result.

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    Eyelash Extensions $99

    Lashes aren't just for special occasions anymore! You can have natural looking, fuller, longer lashes with our Classic Lash Extensions for only $99 (value $125). Clients love extensions because they are so easy... and no more mascara!

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Custom Skin Care
Laser Hair Removal

Our minimally invasive filler and injectable treatments like Botox, Juvederm, and Sculptra help you diminish fine lines and wrinkles while increasing volume by filling and lifting. Meet with our injectors to discuss your beautiful, natural looking results. Click for 20% OFF Sculptra!

Our skin care treatments range from microneedling to custom spa facials and your treatment plan is designed with your individual skin care needs in mind. Our clinicians customize a skin care regimen based on your skin, your goals and your budget.

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Removing unwanted hair through laser hair removal is quick and painless. Both men and women can achieve smooth, hair-free skin with a series of our laser hair removal treatments. Our lasers safely and effectively treat all skin types.

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